Next Generation Religion eBook


This short e-Book will investigate what a new religion might look like if it were born today (2016). We can call it Next Generation Religion as it is a progression of the three major monotheistic religions that are practiced in the West, but with a greater focus on inner experience as opposed to the “word”.

A requirement of a modern-day religion is to take into account that many have rejected the structure and ritual of Ancient Religion. The attitude of “spiritual but not religious” represents a large segment of those that have rejected Ancient Religion, but still feel a connection to something beyond themselves. In this modern age of computers and instant communication, a bona fide religion needs to be both rational and relevant, and still retain that spiritual quality that many hang onto.

The author has been carefully observing and reflecting on human nature over the last two decades, which has ultimately culminated into a view on human nature, and now religion, which can be easily understood. It is my hope that this short e-book will meet a real need in the world. The goal of the book is not to present an iconoclastic viewpoint in order to disrupt existing religions but to provide a home for seekers without a clear understanding of what and how they are seeking.

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